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[ Suggestion Guideline ]

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Quite simple here, but to keep this better organized, please follow this guideline on posting suggestions.


Title: [SUGG] - Title here - example would be [SUGG] - Better drops for revs (perhaps not such a simple topic, maybe include other NPCs you've encountered with debatable drops.

In-game Username: Just in-case Nick or I would like to further request information from you.

Body: Include as best of a description as you can on what you want added, with as much background as you can / research. The hardest thing coming from my standpoint on developing is having to research certain topics with OSRS to try and gauge an accurate depiction in Ancient Isle, so that way we don't have any items that are too powerful, or items that should be powerful being extremely fragile and weak.

Conclusion: Just a quick statement here as to why it should be added; although, if it's kind of common sense as to why it should be added, this is unnecessary aside from adding further details here.



Ancient Isle Dev team

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