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Patch .02

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Update .2 is not a large update; although, it will address many issues at the moment.



Added support for Voting, hiscores, donating, and heatmaps.
Added Extended anti-fire to shops, and prayer pots. Will add food probably.
Added Obsidian armor to Tokkul shop, along with upgraded Obby cape.
Fixed all mining rocks in mining guild.
Fixed door between Mining guild and outside regular mine.
Fixed up some shop values.

Fixed teleport to Mining instead of Mining guild, now requires 60 mining to pass into Mining Guild

Voteshop now displays your current voting points, and tells you how to redeem your vote points to spend.

Added Obsidian armor to Fight Caves shop, inherits value from OSRS for Tokkul(over 200k tokkul for full outfit.)

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