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  1. Infrared

    Magic skill issues

    Due to the garbage-like programming of our base, I have to re-do a lot of the Magic skill. Please be advised while using the magic skill that it IS unstable. Currently with our last patch, wielding any staff results in using Ancient Magic autocast. This statement was actually wrong, I just don't pay attention and assumed it was Ancients because it had the exact layout. Good news, one less thing to worry about. Working on a fix I think will work for battlestaff and other staffs using multiple runes to ACTUALLY use multiple runes. However, good news to this, our basically only Ironman tried to Alch his smithing rewards (armor and weapons he made) and was UNABLE to alch. I immediately looked into the issue, amongst frustration found a rather childish error in both of the Alching cases, with this good news, Alching has been hotfixed ASAP (0140 5/16). Will continue to fix and find problems with Magic.
  2. Infrared

    [ Suggestion Guideline ]

    Quite simple here, but to keep this better organized, please follow this guideline on posting suggestions. Title: [SUGG] - Title here - example would be [SUGG] - Better drops for revs (perhaps not such a simple topic, maybe include other NPCs you've encountered with debatable drops. In-game Username: Just in-case Nick or I would like to further request information from you. Body: Include as best of a description as you can on what you want added, with as much background as you can / research. The hardest thing coming from my standpoint on developing is having to research certain topics with OSRS to try and gauge an accurate depiction in Ancient Isle, so that way we don't have any items that are too powerful, or items that should be powerful being extremely fragile and weak. Conclusion: Just a quick statement here as to why it should be added; although, if it's kind of common sense as to why it should be added, this is unnecessary aside from adding further details here. Thanks! Ancient Isle Dev team
  3. Infrared

    Patch .02

    Update .2 is not a large update; although, it will address many issues at the moment. Changelog: Added support for Voting, hiscores, donating, and heatmaps. Added Extended anti-fire to shops, and prayer pots. Will add food probably. Added Obsidian armor to Tokkul shop, along with upgraded Obby cape. Fixed all mining rocks in mining guild. Fixed door between Mining guild and outside regular mine. Fixed up some shop values. Fixed teleport to Mining instead of Mining guild, now requires 60 mining to pass into Mining Guild Voteshop now displays your current voting points, and tells you how to redeem your vote points to spend. Added Obsidian armor to Fight Caves shop, inherits value from OSRS for Tokkul(over 200k tokkul for full outfit.)
  4. Infrared

    Map of Catacombs

    Map of Catacombs here, best one I had.
  5. Infrared

    Magic skill issues

    Currently the Magic skill appears to be a bit bugged. Certain staffs don't utilize infinite runes as they should. I am looking into this, and plan to get Magic as up to date as Ranged or Melee. Additionally, Ranged Ruby bolts (e) seem to not use the special attack as designed.
  6. Infrared

    Ancient Isle V2

    Welcome to Ancient Isle V2 Welcome, players! I'm Infrared, Co-Developer for Ancient Isle. I would like to announce the launch of Ancient Isle V2. As acting developer, I'm tasked with informing the community on content updates, and patches we release. Without further ado, here is Ancient Isle V2: a 317 OSRS private server, owned by Nick and developed by Nick and Infrared. You can download this new Ancient Isle using the "Download" Button on the top left of the forums, or press this link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vznjjw5lykqlyv/Ancient Isle v2 Client.jar?dl=0 Thank you guys for your support; -Nick & Infrared <media> </media> Ancient Isle V2 Update: 0.1 Added: Added fishing and cooking skillcape perks, fishing grants 1 extra fish per catch, Added cooking skill perk, no burning food while wearing skillcape. Added drop notifiers for emblems, keys, and plenty of other drops, tradaable / not-tradable. Added Deep Wilderness Cave. Used for Fire Giant slayer tasks in wilderness. 46 agility to use shortcut. Fixed: Fixed natural exploit in Source. Fixed Camelot not having any fishing spots. Fixed inability to drink Extended Antifire Potions, set to 12mins Fixed Combat and skilling values. Beta testers actively report better enjoyment from this change. Fixed rev cave entrance in lvl 14 wildy, as well as 40 wildy. Fixed imbued Ring of Wealth drop rates from .15, to .08. Removed: Removed some of the OP Donator Zone stuff, will revamp these zones possibly. F.Y.I. Seems small, but will progressively fix more things, wanted to push out the release of this to change the inactivity of Nick and I from Ancient Isle, as we were working on Ancient Isle V2.
  7. Infrared

    Server change

    Hi all, I'm Infrared. Here is our plea bargain for you Original Gangsters of Ancient Isle! First off, thank you to all of you for being members of Ancient Isle. Me and Nick really appreciate it, and obviously without you guys, we wouldn't have a reason to continue on. In this post I will hopefully combat everyone's concerns or complaints to this upgrade of Ancient Isle V2. So to get to the meat and bones here: Ancient Isle V2 is now a 317 rev. loading 171 OSRS data. This includes raids, all the old school items, and we will continue to add more items and content to Ancient Isle V2. As Nick and I have been trying to listen to the community and their desires. To address the issue of why we're still not hosting the other revision, the answer is simply: there is two types of players in the RSPS community, those who enjoy the graphic intensive RS3 styled runescape private servers, and those who enjoy the classic 317 stuff. We found it practically impossible to introduce OSRS content, and filter RS3 content as well. Logically, updates are introduced to OSRS and RS3 actively, correct? This means we will have to choose between those two revisions, unless we choose to develop custom content, which may not be entirely practical either based on the circumstances. Most players enjoy constant updates, which we can gladly do, and will strive to please the community. Our plea bargain for users who were playing on Ancient Isle V1 are required to post in the Discord, or reply to THIS topic in order to gain a PLEA BARGAIN. I personally find it would be more enjoyable for most users to restart; however, as we think those who put in the hard work and grind to come back to this possibly unappeasable or very exciting news. We are not 100% sure on what we will be giving the players as this plea bargain, so we want to hear from the community. We would like to DRIVE the incentive for you guys to continue on, and start the grind again. Possibly a Mystery box or two, possibly something else. Thanks. Developer Infrared